About Anton Bakker Anton Bakker belongs to a lineage of artists who have used mathematical principles to explore the frontiers of perspective and perception. Born in the Netherlands, Anton began a 40-year collaboration with mathematician and artist Dr. Jacobus “Koos” Verhoeff at the age of 16. In turn, Koos was an acquaintance of M.C. Escher, and an occasional advisor to the perspective-bending artist on mathematical matters. After developing the world’s first fully automated ball-on-surface maze game in the late 1970s, Koos and Anton began to explore computer-based methods to find intriguing and beautiful paths within cubic lattice structures. Sculptures that they created based on selected lattice paths have been exhibited across Europe and in the U.S. Primarily, these sculptures realized straight-line paths in wood. During his time working with Koos, Anton solved many practical design and construction problems, opening up new possibilities for connecting lattice points with curved paths, and realizing these intriguing shapes as sculptures in gold, silver, steel and bronze. Shortly after the death of Koos in 2018, Anton sold his business to devote himself full time to his art, which remains centered on searching lattices to find interesting points that form intriguing paths when viewed from multiple perspectives. For more info: