image_1341298102_awfa_image.pngThe focus of Walker Fine Art is 20th Century and contemporary art. However, unlike collections which contain pieces that only the rich can afford to buy, and that only intellectuals can explain, this array of original work, while having stood the test of time, is affordable and needs little interpretation. 

Gathered under one roof is one of the largest collections ever to be assembled of watercolors, drawings, lithographs, and woodcuts by M.C. Escher. The works of this renown and late Dutch artist are now considered a national treasure by a country with a history of artists that overwhelms the country's small size.

Rare and unique mezzotints by Yozo Hamaguchi bring new qualities to an old form of printing. Hamaguchi is the undisputed master of the color mezzotint process, having added a zen-like quality to his work. The depth and beauty of these works need to be seen by the serious collector of prints.

Original paintings, drawings, and prints by Roberto Matta, the last living surrealist, continue to gain in value and appreciation. The body of work now available will be bought up as a new generation of collectors matures. Having reinvented himself and his art time and again helps to explain the wide appeal of this holdout from the days of Picasso and Dali.

Bridging the millenniums is the sculptor Ernest Trova. One of the largest collections in the world of this shining example of modern art (walking, falling, etc.) is available for purchase or just for amazement.